How did you think of this? Our pet chickens never fail to make us smile. Inspired to share this joy with the world, Sally created a chicken-style variation of the classic sheep ottoman by Francois Lalanne in her final furniture design studio at K-State in 2010. From the art processes of hand-felting fiber into feathers, turning wood into egg-shaped cores and casting her sculptures of chicken feet and beaks in bronze emerged Henny and Penny - the original Chicken Footstools.

How can I adopt a Chicken Footstool? If your favorite chickens are already adopted on our website, please contact us and reference those that catch your eye. The adoption process involves decisions of size (Big Chicken or Chicken Little) and feather-type. We enjoy working with different fibers and would be glad to talk about any custom chicken you may have in mind. We ask for a 50% deposit up front and then the other 50% and shipping once your chicken is ready to come home to you. Remember, they look especially wonderful as a flock!

How long does it take to make a chicken? The bronze feet and beaks are cast, the wooden egg is turned on a lathe, the interior frame is assembled, the fiber is sheared, fashioned into feathers and upholstered by hand. Depending on our production schedule, the creation process takes approximately two months and lots of love.

Where are they made? We are proud that our Chicken Footstools are fashioned in the USA. Their structural elements are crafted by artisans in Kansas and the upholstery and fiber-work take place in thecgf studio in Kansas City, Missouri. The only part of the process we don't do ourselves is to raise the animals for fiber (someday!). For now, we source it from wonderful farmers around the country.

Are they cleanable? The hand-felted feathers are naturally dirt and moisture repellent (think of your favorite wool sweater). Spot clean with water. If your feet are extra-dirty you may consider a darker breed.

Are these indoor chickens? Yes. However, they are durable and enjoy fresh air when the occasion is right!

What will my dog/cat do? Our chickens have met many-a-pet at art fairs and in homes; so far no attacks have been reported. We believe their disinterest might be related to the chicken's natural fiber smell.

Are they real? They are as real as you choose to believe. :)

Which came first? The egg.

What is the difference between a Big Chicken and a Chicken Little?