With Wings Unfurled - The Powell Garden Festival of Butterflies


The Butterfly Flock

Hello Friends! 

Butterflies have a special way of lifting our spirits. 

When I learned about the annual Festival of Butterflies and shared it with the studio, we were inspired to dream up a new collection in order to join in the celebration. “With Wings Unfurled” is a flock of Chicken Footstools whose feathers display our interpretation of butterfly wings.

The creation of this flock has been a joyful metamorphosis all its own. Contemplating these spectacular creatures has expanded our fiber artistry in new, wondrous directions. Like the moment when you see the new beauty of a butterfly unveiled, we were thrilled to discover the beauty this work yielded and are thankful to share this collection with you now.



I want to say thank you to everyone at Powell Gardens for inviting us to join in the fun of the Festival of Butterflies, for your hospitality to us and the flock, and for caretaking such a wonderful place. I also want to thank our incredible team of artisans whose hands brought all of these ideas into real life!

Sally Linville

Founder and Creative Director

The City Girl Farm

*Butterfly inspiration images are from the book Butterfly, by Thomas Marent


The Butterfly Raffle

Little Ona, the Monarch Butterfly Chicken, has been chosen for a raffle to support Powell Gardens!


  • The raffle begins online on Thursday, July 27th and tickets will be $100.


  • Only 126 tickets will be available to enter into the raffle. This number is in honor of this year being the 26th Festival of Butterflies at Powell Gardens!


  • The raffle will close at Noon CST on Friday, August 11th and the winner will be notified.


The "With Wings Unfurled" Collection 














  • Hello Mary, thank you. These chickens have been adopted. For chickens available please refer to our Adopt A Chicken page here on the website.

    The City Girl Farm
  • They are so lovely …but I do notvsee prices?

    Mary Lambertson
  • Hi from UK, what is the weight of each chicken?
    Kind regards L.


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