Stories From The Studio: Welcoming The New Year

H E L L O F R I E N D S !

Happy New Year! I hope your hearts continue to be warmed with cheer and love from the holidays. One of our favorite family stories is A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Are any of you familiar with the lyrics to the song “Kindle My Heart” sprinkled throughout the 1995 version of the movie?


As the moon kindles the night

As the wind kindles the fire

As the rain fills every ocean

And the sun, the earth

With your heart, kindle my heart


Something moves in my heart when I hear the word kindle. I desire to live a life inspired by the beauty of creation and to share that atmosphere of inspiration through the work of our studio.


We have been dreaming up beautiful flocks and new ideas to bring to life in 2024. I hope you are as excited as I am to see what comes together. We plan to carry on with our monthly rhythm of releasing flocks of Chicken Footstools online for adoption as well as adding some very special collections and collaborations into the mix. We look forward to sharing stories of their creation with you, highlighting our incredible artisans whose diligent commitment to their craft keeps the magic alive in each chicken.


A special thank you to all of our collectors throughout the years. Your valuing of our work keeps the studio vibrant and growing. Thank you also to all of you Early Bird fans here. Your presence and kind words encourage and inspire us.


I hope that the chickens continue to kindle smiles and creativity this New Year!


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  • I’m in love 👍😊💝🥰🙏🍀❤️
    There are so
    beautiful 🤩😍🥳 only ❤️🧡💛💚🩵💙💜🩷👀👄👄👄

    Plony Jongen Borsboom
  • I just love love love the mini. Mini chicken for the Soul. Not the souls of the feet though. That mini put a sparkle in my day. Thank you for the making my lips SMILE.

    Sharon Watson
  • My “Wendle” makes me smile EVERY day ..

    Jean Ayres

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