Welcome Spring!



H E L L O  F R I E N D S !

Through the years I have noticed that the majority of our chickeners are also avid gardeners. With hopes of drawing some parallels between these two creative realms, we asked our team the question, “What brings you joy in the work of both gardening and chickening?”.  

Enjoy their delightful insights and some favorite images of past flocks of Chicken Footstools enjoying the natural world below.

Happy spring to you all!

> Sally & thecgf studio


“The absolute first thought is the color “pop” of freshly potted plants against the front porch steps which have been colorless all winter. How that greets me with joy every time I see it.  The same thing when I see the steps of “ planting” the layers of color on the chickens. From the first step, I do with the plain muslin underpants, to the finish colorful creation once other chickeners have worked their magic!”   - Kathy


“Gardening & stitching are two things I love to do & I think it’s because the two are related. Both require some creativity, some trial & error to learn what works, and the challenge of trying something new. If you know me, I love color, and the quiet time of stitching or digging in the dirt is like meditation. And just look at the beautiful end result of both!” - Karen


“I relish the vibrant sensory feel of the high-quality wool when stitching chickens. Lambswool has a harmonious frequency that brings delight, similar to a hug. 

Likewise, fingering the dirt, living grasses, and fresh flower petals instantly transmits vibrant frequencies to me! The energetic sensation begins at my fingertips, connecting me with the life-giving joys of this magnificent earth.” - Rebecca


“I enjoy both growing flowers and chickening for the calming mood it gives me.  Giving diligence and care for both, in watering, fertilizing, weeding, and every little stitch. The surprise of the flower blooming and thriving and the finished chicken are such a delight; an unexplainable joy that I helped create!” - Tonya



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