The Little Red Raffle - Your chance to win Little Thelma

This holiday season we are excited to present an opportunity to join together with you to spread the joy of chickens and care for people in our Kansas City community. The City Girl Farm has partnered with Thelma's Kitchen to offer a chance to win this fabulous footstool, Little Thelma. We are raffling off this little red hen to support the mission of Thelma’s Kitchen benefiting those in need in Kansas City.

”Every Box Lunch helps provide social & mental health services and reduce food insecurity for KC neighbors in need.” 

Ok, Listen up! 

Here’s how to enter to win our Little Thelma:

  • To enter, make a donation of $150 to Thelma's Kitchen by following the link in our bio.

    * Each $150 donation equals one raffle entry - multiple entries welcome!

    ** $150 will provide 15 boxed lunches for people in need in Kansas City

    *** Little Thelma’s retail value is $1850.00. 

  • Enter by Noon Friday, December 17th

  • Winner announced Friday, December 17th

  • Raffle open to anyone in the US

    *If the winner is not local, shipping’s on us!

The creation of Chicken Footstools is joyful work. I am surrounded by a community that shares their love and gifts with me every day. The process of making and adopting our chickens brings together special people and moments that I truly cherish.

Sometimes, when considering the hardships that people are facing in the world, I start to doubt the importance of what we are doing. Is it meaningful enough?

Then I remember how beautiful people are when they smile. How their faces light up. How that light spreads from person to person. And I think, YES! More light, please.

This is why I deeply appreciate the work of Reconciliation Services and Thelma's Kitchen. My husband also supports the community RS serves through his work in an inner-city school. The stories of children and their families are a testimony to the beauty and reconciliation that can come through challenging circumstances.

Every person is precious and valuable, and more light shining through the lives of these neighbors is exactly what the world needs. We are thankful for this partnership, adding depth of meaning to our work to support Thelma’s Kitchen in nourishing others and helping their light shine brighter!

Thank you for joining us.


Founder/Creative Director

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