Stories from the Studio: Mini Process


H E L L O  F R I E N D S !


We are humbled and overjoyed by the positive response to our first-ever Mini Chicken collection. Thank you all for being excited about them with us! Our artisans worked diligently to have 50 available for last week’s release and with the tremendous response, we wish we could have had 100 more ready to share.


Today, I want to show some behind-the-scenes glimpses of the Mini Chicken creation process.


True to the original Chicken Footstool form, the minis are created with fiber, wood, and bronze. Every familiar process was re-considered at a miniature scale: mini bronze feet and beaks, mini egg cores, mini feathers, mini red combs, and even mini needles for upholstering.


As the bronze legs were set up in formation, I found myself wondering if our little army might even bring smiles to the faces of the ancient Romans? :)


The mini prototypes have been sitting on our shelf for years, awaiting the time when we found the creative space and grace to continue the project. I want to say a most special thank you to our studio manager and Mini Chicken designer, Emily, who brought this idea to life with her incredible artistry and skill.



We are excited to see the places where the adopted minis will find homes in your homes! They seem to fit quite nicely and whimsically into any space and vignette. If you take pictures to share we always love to see them. Please add #minichicken and @thecitygirlfarm tags with any social posts, thank you!


The next round of Mini Chickens is in process. We will keep you updated, and thank you again for following along with our studio.



Sally & thecgf studio


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