Stories from the Studio: AMALANA x CGF Collection


H E L L O F R I E N D S !


Today we are excited to share about a special collection that has been in the works all year and is soon to be revealed!


Do any of you Early Birds remember Little Peter, created as a part of the “When Feathers Come Together: A Global Chicken Collection”? His black and white pleated feathers were felted by fiber artists Belén and Maru Pearce at their studio in Argentina, sent to our studio in Kansas City, and then sculpted with needle and thread by our studio artisans into the one and only Little Peter.


Working with those gorgeous pleats (and with the wonderfully spirited sisters who made them) was such an enjoyable experience that we all agreed the time had come to collaborate again! What a joy and a privilege it is to work with other creative women around the world to add something new and beautiful to it.


A collection of three AMALANA x CGF Chicken Little Footstools are currently being stitched and will be ready for their online release on Thursday, May 23rd, at 11am CST.

Can hardly wait that long to show them to you!






Belén and Maru Pearce are sisters that live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Passionate about crafts, they created Amalana Felt and worked with the noble fiber of sheep and wool, which allowed them to develop their creativity, thus creating new original pieces. Once the technique was perfected, the two sisters focused on teaching and spreading their craftsmanship through various workshops. Nowadays, many of their students have successfully learned innovative techniques and are capable of creating pieces of their own.


If you would like to learn more, here is a link to our journal post about Amalana’s reflections on the Global Chicken Collection.



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