Mini Chickens!



H E L L O  F R I E N D S !


Once upon a time, at a far-away art fair, someone described our chickens as “recognizable yet out of this world.”


I have always been drawn to art, environments, and experiences that introduce a playful sense of scale, both when small things are enlarged, and the opposite when large things are reduced. When we encounter something familiar in a fresh way, the extraordinary in the ordinary is put on display.


By artfully expressing the familiar features of real chickens — namely their feet, feathers, and combs — our Chicken Footstools display the extraordinary in the ordinary. Their larger-than-life size has always been a primary attractive quality, inviting curious people to come closer. This early design decision came through both valuing that playful sense of scale and the challenge of making a two-legged animal stand as a sturdy footstool.


Through the years we have been asked again and again to consider making chicks to accompany our chickens. The idea never sparked much interest for me, partly because there are other darling hand-made chicks already available, and partly because of my attachment to the functional purpose of the original Chicken Footstools, created in a design/build furniture studio during my college graduate work. A little chick would never qualify for the category of “furniture” that our chickens enjoy.

During one special season at our studio, we had the pleasure of working with a young lady named Kendall, who was a student at the Kansas City Art Institute. Her creative work focused on the making of miniature home environments, crafting everything from the ceiling rafters to the teensy quilts on the beds. The desire to play with the scale of chickens returned, this time on the small end. Our interactions brought about the earliest prototypes of a miniature Chicken Footstool and I was surprised and delighted by how happy they made me. The same materials and silhouette we have come to know and love… but mini-sized? Brilliant.


I have come to recognize and appreciate that the function of the Chicken Footstools goes beyond a comfortable, playful object on which to rest one’s feet (although that is still a wonderful attribute). They also function as joy givers and lifters of hearts. They wake up memories, inspire possibilities, and bring people together. 


We hope that these Mini Chickens shine more joy of chickens into the world, beginning with bringing a smile to your face today. :)


Best and brightest,

Sally & thecgf studio


** The Spring Mini Chicken collection will be available for adoption online next Thursday, March 7th at 11am CST, along with the March Flock.


** Photos by Anna Petrow

In the context of our studio, the introduction of Mini Chickens feels like a project that holds significance, so I would like to pause here to share my gratitude towards some special people involved:

  • To Kendall, whose miniature artwork inspired this exploration.

  • To Amanda, who graciously opened her lovely home to us for this photoshoot.

  • To Anna, whose spirit is as bright as her photos.

  • To Karen, who generously stitches any chicken that we place before her.

  • To Ally, who felted many mini feathers.

  • To Carly and Katie, who help guide the sharing.

  • To Emily, who brought the Mini Chickens to life!

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  • I cannot wait for these to come out. Very excited. Thank you.


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