Meet the Chickeners: Harlan

H E L L O  F R I E N D S ! 

If you don’t already know him, we are excited to introduce you to Harlan, a chickener fundamental to the creation of our footstools. He is the man who has built the frame for every Chicken Footstool that exists in the world today. Harlan is kind, generous, and can fix anything that is broken. He also has an extraordinary capacity to recall and sing out obscure song lyrics, which keeps conversations lively. His official studio title is “Chicken Engineer” and I (Sally) am blessed to know him as my one and only dad! I was able to sit down and chat with him recently on a visit to our family’s farm in my hometown of Lyons, Kansas. 

What is your role in the creation of Chicken Footstools?
I am now the official egg maker and assembler of the naked or featherless chickens.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of The City Girl Farm?
I am proud to do my part to make a premium quality chicken. 

Reflecting on the evolution of the chickens, what surprises you the most?
I am surprised that the enthusiasm and joy are as great as ever among our craftsmen and women as well as our customers who open their homes and businesses to Chicken Footstools. 
What's your favorite chicken memory? 
I just love to show and tell people I know or meet that I and my farm are part of The City Girl Farm. 

Thank you, Harlan. I speak for myself and all of us at the studio when I say we are so grateful for everything you do. You are a wonderful father, grandfather, and chickener!

> Sally & thecgf studio
Founder/Creative Director 

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