Early Bird Preview

H E L L O  F R I E N D S ! 


Happy New Year to you all. We are enjoying a quiet beginning at the studio, taking time to consider our favorite ways to bring our chicken dreams to life this year. We have a few shifts and an exciting project to share with you today.

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In our newsletters this year, we are going to send Early Bird Preview images of chickens-in-process to give you first dibs on available chickens before they are promoted online. We are excited for this new rhythm of releasing chickens in this manner on a regular basis. You'll no longer miss opportunities to see the newest chickens before they're adopted!

Here is how the Early Bird Preview process will work:

1. We send a preview email (like this!) to you with images of chickens-in-process in our studio.

2. Enjoy browsing the flock but be aware that we are not taking pre-orders so keep your eyes open for our next email. 

3. When the chickens are complete we will send an email announcing their adoption availability on our website. You, our subscribers, will have first dibs before we promote them online.

4. Adopt away!

**All preview chickens are subject to our creative process and may change before they are released.

 . . . . . 


Another shift that has taken place is we have decided to pause custom chicken design offerings in 2022. Thank you to everyone who has engaged us in custom work these past years. We have been enriched by the relationships and artistic exploration that have grown out of your special stories. 

We will honor our current list of promised custom orders, but will not be accepting any more custom orders moving forward this year.

We are motivated to focus the creative energy of our incredible team towards studio flocks, special collections, and collaborations. There are so many ideas to be explored! We look forward to dazzling you with the expanding variety and artistry of chickens that will be available for adoption this year.

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The first special collection of the year is truly a dream-coming-true. We have reached out to fiber artists we admire from around the world (!) and invited them to join us in a ‘progressive collaboration.’ Six different countries will be represented in the collection. The artists are making fiber feathers and sending them to us to sculpt and upholster onto our chicken forms. We already received some of the feathers at the studio and they are absolutely spectacular.

We have been invited by the Crossroads Hotel to exhibit the collection for two weeks later this Spring. Mark your calendars for the First Friday of May! Of course, we will be in touch with more details once they develop.

. . . . . 

Looking forward to sharing another year of chicken adventures with this incredible community of makers, collectors, and followers. You all inspire and encourage me every day.

With thanks,

Sally & thecgf studio
Founder/Creative Director 

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