Chicken Tales: The Brinkmann Collection

Hello friends!

One of the great joys of creating Chicken Footstools is the relationships that form with our collectors. Every chicken holds a story of how and by whom it was made. Our collectors are the people who by adopting chickens into their homes invite that story to continue. Whether our adoption interactions are single, bright, and brief or taking place over many years of growing flocks, everyone is an encouragement to us to keep creating.

Today, we smile as we share the story of a husband and wife who have generously embraced Chicken Footstools as a part of their life together. They have come to us in seasons of celebration and seasons of loss, always bringing an atmosphere of kindness and appreciation of our work. The Brinkmann's are a wonderful representation of our collectors— people who understand the value of objects crafted by hand and whose child-like hearts find enjoyment in chickens.

Thank you, Brinkmann's, for sharing your story with us and for inviting our chickens into your beautiful hearts and home.

> Sally & thecgf studio

How did you come to know us at The City Girl Farm?

I believe that we learned about you at the St. Louis Art Fair several years ago. 

What chickens have you adopted?

We have adopted several large footstools and a couple of smaller birds.

What is your chicken's special adoption story?

We have adopted several chickens and they each have their own story. We adopt chickens in memory of loved ones that have passed. It is a sweet reminder of our loved ones every time we see their chicken.

These chickens are named after our departed parents. We think of them every time we walk by them, we love them!

What is it like living with Chicken Footstools?

The chicken footstools are whimsical and add a bit of levity to life.

What is something that makes you smile about the chicken?

Their individual personalities are so fun!!

My husband has given me chickens for Christmas, my birthday, etc.  It is one of my favorite gifts.  “Could a girl ever have too many chickens in her flock?” 

What do you love about The City Girl Farm?

Sally, and we love everyone we have met there. They are true artisans with a heart for their work.




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