Chicken Tales: Eloise Ivy

H E L L O  F R I E N D S !

In a recent interview with Create Whimsy blog, I was asked to paint a word picture of a City Girl Farm collector. I said that they are kind, supportive, and have childlike hearts. This picture was confirmed yet again by our recent visit to a farm in Northern Virginia, home to a Chicken Footstool named Eloise Ivy.


The creation of Eloise Ivy began as a Mother’s Day gift surprise for one of our long-time fans back in 2020. Every communication that happened through the custom design process was bright and fun—she was SO excited about her chicken!


As my family and I continued our road trip adventure through New England, I had been looking forward to meeting the family that inspired such a spirited creation. The drive from our campground through the Piedmont region of Virginia was beautiful—green rolling hills bursting with redbud trees. When we arrived at the farm we received an incredibly warm welcome from Kelly, her husband, Josh, and their three sons, one of whom was wrangling a blow-up dinosaur as big as the boys themselves. They were generous to show us around their farm and introduce us to their joyful menagerie of animals. We brought out our travel chicken, Little Rina, to play with their flock.

It was a gift to see Eloise Ivy again and know that she is still being enjoyed years after her adoption day. She is a well-loved part of an exceptionally kind and vibrant family. We left with full hearts, a bag full of goodies prepared to entertain our daughter on the road, and a collection of eggs almost too beautiful to eat.


Thank you, Kelly, Josh, and the boys. We will always treasure the memory of our time together at your farm!


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  • Hello Sheila, thank you for your interest, these chickens have been adopted. For chickens available please refer to our Adopt A Chicken page here on the website.

    The City Girl Farm
  • Wondering if these are available to purchase 😊🫠🫠

    Sheila kirste
  • What a great visit for all of you! It’s so nice that you are visiting your babies in different areas. Your chicken stools are all beautiful!
    Nancy Miller


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