Chicken Tales: A story of Bells

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Today, we are delighted to share the story of a Chicken Footstool named Bells. I remember the day last Spring that Zach walked into our studio with a sparkle in his eye. He shared that he would like to give his bride, Amy, a gift of a Chicken Footstool to surprise her on her wedding day. We were, of course, honored and glad that our chicken will forever be a part of this fun-loving family as they journey together as husband and wife.


What is your chicken's special adoption story? 

My husband and I are fans of filling our home with artwork of meaning. Either meaning of place, of experience, or of connection to the artist. I have known Sally and about her Chicken Footstools for 12 years, since we were in college, and owning one of The City Girl Farm's Chicken Footstools has always been an aspiration but the price slightly unattainable. Knowing how much I adored her work, Bells was a gift from my husband on our wedding day, and is by far the sweetest and most unexpected gift I've ever received. She will forever be treasured as a connection to those who contributed to her creation, but also as part of the start of our marriage.


What is it like living with a Chicken Footstool?

Bells is a showstopper! We are currently decorating our house around her, not the other way around.

What is something that makes you smile about your chicken?

Knowing the time, effort and care that goes into their creation. And that there will never be another exactly like ours. 

What do you love about The City Girl Farm?

I love how true the brand has stayed to its identity. I also love the collaborations over the years with other artists, techniques, and charities.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

A huge THANK YOU to all who contributed to Bells creation!

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Thank YOU, Zach and Amy, for sharing your chicken reflections with us all. We are so happy to be part of your story, and congratulations tremendous on your growing family! Bonus, watch their wedding video, featuring Bells Here

> Sally & thecgf studio

Wedding Photo Credit: @aventiweddings @baysingerfilms

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