How did you think of this? Our pet chickens never fail to make us smile. For that reason, Sally was inspired to create a chicken-style version of the classic sheep ottoman by Francois Lalanne in her final furniture design studio at K-State. From the art processes of hand-felting fiber into feathers, turning wood into egg-shaped structures and casting her sculptures of chicken feet and beaks in bronze emerged Henny and Penny - the original chicken footstools.

How can I adopt a chicken footstool? If no chickens are available on our website, please contact us to be placed our production list. The adoption process involves decisions of size and color way. Chicken Little footstools range from $850 to $1150 and Chicken Big footstools range from $1350 to $1650. We enjoy working with different fibers and would be glad to talk with you about something specific you may have in mind. We ask for a 50% deposit up front and then the other 50% and shipping once finished.

Are they cleanable? The hand-felted feathers are naturally dirt and moisture repelant (think of your wool sweater). Spot clean with water. If your feet are extra-dirty you may consider a darker breed.

Are these indoor chickens? Yes. However, they are durable and enjoy fresh air when the occasion is right!

How long does it take to make a chicken? The bronze is cast, the egg is chopped and turned on the lathe, the feet and head are secured to the egg, the fiber is sheared, picked, cleaned, carded and felted, and, finally, the chicken is upholstered by hand. Our standard answer to this question is 'about a week.' The real answer? A long time and a lot of love.

What will my dog/cat do? Our chickens have met many-a-pet at art fairs and in homes; so far no attacks have been reported. We believe their disinterest might be related to the chicken's natural fiber smell.

Are they real? They are as real as you choose to believe. :)

Which came first? The egg.

The difference between a big chicken and a chicken little?


What's next? The jury is still out. What would you like? We would love to hear from you.