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E A R L Y  B I R D  P R O C E S S


The studio releases a new flock of Chicken Footstools online each month. If you are an Early Bird newsletter subscriber here is how the process works:


1. The week before the release you will receive a sneak-peek ‘PREVIEW’ email with images of the chickens-in-process that will be available for adoption soon.  

**All preview chickens are subject to our creative process and may change before they are released. Please note that we do not reserve chickens or take pre-orders at this time.**


2. The day before the release you will receive a ‘NEW FLOCK' email sharing the exact time that the chickens will be available on our website for adoption. 


3. On The day of the release you will NOT receive another email but trust that the chickens will be made available for adoption on our website at the specified time. You can find them by clicking the link shared in the ‘NEW FLOCK’ email or by visiting the Available Chickens page directly on our website. You may adopt a chicken by adding it to your online cart and completing the transaction there.

**Remember to refresh your browser to see the latest updates on the day of the release.**

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at ahead of time. The chickens are flying the coop quickly!