Custom Design

If you do not see the perfect Chicken Footstool available for adoption, let's design a custom chicken together! Here are options to consider to begin the process:

  • Size
    • Big Chicken: 25 pounds; 18-20" floor to back; 24" beak to tail feathers; 24" wingspan; delightfully larger-than-life; generous and comfortable
    • Chicken Little: 12 pounds; 12-14" floor to back; 12" beak to tail feathers; 12" wingspan; easy to move around the house; comfortable for the light-of-foot

      Inspiration: Please reference our Adoption Gallery to share a sense of what types of chickens catch your eye. Bring anything to the table- from images of your living space to tales of your favorite pet chicken. We will be excited to incorporate your ideas!

      Naming: You are welcome to name your own chicken and we are happy to help.

      Pricing: Big Chickens begin at $2400 and Chicken Littles begin at $1450. Prices range from there depending on fiber content and feather complexity. Custom orders may require an extra charge.

      Time-frame: We generally seek a two-month window for custom creations. If you have a a special circumstance that we can accommodate, we will do our best. Always glad to include personal notes for gift chickens.

      Payment: For custom orders, we ask for a non-refundable 50% deposit and the remaining 50% plus shipping when your chicken is ready to come home to you.