Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner! If you are looking for something special for your favorite mom here are a few fresh ideas from thecitygirlfarm:

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> Chicken bowls and trays | $48 - $65

Chicken bowls and trays are handmade in Austin, TX by our dear friends Jess & John of jpear Design. Each porcelain bowl is thrown on the pottery wheel, fired and then an image of a chicken footstool is lovingly applied. 


> Chicken T-Shirts | $26

A color and fit for every mom, our designs are printed on American Apparel PolyCotton constructed with 50% Polyester / 50% CombedCotton. 



> thecitygirlfarm Canvas Tote | $22

Now mom can carry all her gear in our new chicken tote bag. They are 100% cotton and come in two sizes, 6oz (14½" x 15½") and 12oz (15" x 19½" x 5"). Both have 22" handles and the 12oz option as a reinforced bottom.


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Please visit our website to place your order and enjoy celebrating mom on this sweet day. Hooray for mothers!

> thecgf gang

Meet Noel

We are pleased to introduce you Chicken Little Footstool fans to Noel, pictured on the right, who is looking for a good home. Her white loopy feathers are made from hand-spun merino wool and she stands proudly on bronze feet. Her red-comb-head is just a bit wild! Noel can be visited at George Lifestyle in the KC Crestwood Shops.

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing Noel into your heart (and home).


 > Sally Jane

The State of Chickening Address

Greetings! The turning of the New Year has brought along an extra-fresh sense of hope for 2016 and all that it may hold. Thank you for your love and support along our journey thus far. We cherish relationships- each special meeting, encouraging comment and story shared is truly wind beneath our wings.

Here are updates on our latest and greatest:

We are thrilled to welcome our newest artisan to thecgf gang, Amanda Houston. She is a designer as well as our marketing director, helping to bring stories of Chicken Footstools- from their making through their adoptions- out to shine brightly in the world.

Also, we are transitioning into our first official studio space in Kansas City. Deep-hearted dreams of having a place to welcome and cultivate community are coming true! Operations continue to be shared between the Kansas farm, where chicken bodies are built, and the city, where fiber and upholstery magic happen. Although we are just beginning the move today, my imagination has already filled the space with possibilities- chickening sessions, workshops, creative experiments, collaborations, tea parties, inspiration boards, window displays, bubbles, curious objects, pop-up shops… sigh. I recognize the space as a gift; a place to work and play and be, surrounded by materials and people I love.

This year we will be looking for opportunities to make new friends in the world of fiber, both wooly and not. The seeds that were sewn in my happy childhood with chickens, eventually bringing forth the idea of a Chicken Footstool, seem to be experiencing a re-awakening. I know deeper connections with the farmers and the animals from which our fiber comes will only lead to more inspiration and learning. Last year, new sources of organic merino wool and mohair in Northern California found their way into our hearts, hands and feather designs for our new Spring Flock collection. Some naturally neutral and some enhanced with natural dyes, all are rich in color and texture that seem made to be touched.

Speaking of our new Spring Flock collection, we will be busy stitching away in the studio until the release sometime in March! We can hardly wait to receive your reactions and see which loving families will bring our lucky Chicken Footstools into their homes.

Cheers to 2016, the year of jubilee and possibility! Oh, and cheers to chickens!

> Sally Jane


Originally posted on 10/2/2011

Here is a photo shoot of our freshest batch of chicken footstools. We spend so many hours fashioning each one that we grow to love them through the process, so shipping time is oddly significant! We hope they bring their new owners much joy. As long as the UPS man remembers to come by the farm they fly away today...



Originally posted on 9/19/2011

Last weekend we enjoyed our outing with the Chicken Footstools at the St. Louis Art Fair. We were surrounded by super-talented artists, old friends, new friends, cute chicken-riding kiddos and people who light up at the opportunity to share their chicken stories. Once again we were struck by the deep reaction from people of every shape, size, color, outfit, piercing or not. Francois Lalanne summed it up well when he said, "Everyone can recognize animals throughout the world. You don't have to explain what they are or mean." 

The idea is simple, but the delight is significant. We hope our work brings awareness of the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Thank you SLAF and thanks to everyone who came out to the show! It was our pleasure to meet you.

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