• Chickens in the Park
  • Sally Linville

Chickens in the Park

Our summer collection of chicken footstools made their way to Cheeseman Park in Denver last weekend. What a lovely place! We had all sorts of fun visiting with old friends who live in the area, friends who were passing through on their way to the mountains and meeting new people who came out to enjoy a day in the park. The chickens received lots of love and attention. Here is a list of some of our favorite reactions:

'One of the finer pieces of whimsy I've seen in a while.'

'Who'da thought?'

'That's the most unique thing I've seen in years.'

'Who thought of this and what drug were you on?'

'Isn't that superb?!'

'They just make you feel good.'

To us the last comment is the most special of all. What tremendous blessing to be in the midst of making creatures who awaken possibility and delight in others.






  • Sally Linville

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