• A Call for Stories
  • Sally Linville

A Call for Stories

Today while stitching ruffles onto the backside of a chicken little (one headed toward her new home in Taiwan!), my mind began to wander yet again. I oh-so-enjoy revisiting memories of bright interactions we have shared with people surrounding the chicken footstools. Every smile, laugh, cluck, curiosity and inquiry is such a gift! What a precious experience it is to have strangers find value in something that we have made. People respond so generously (and often humerously), tell us the most fabulous stories and soon we are fast friends.

This sharing of childhood stories, modern-day stories and chicken footstool stories is a tremendous part of what keeps us smiling and inspired each day. We would like to do a more purposeful job of sharing them with you - so many are just too good to stop with us.

So, this is a first call for stories. 

Are you a chicken footstool collector? We would love to hear what life is like with an oversized chicken around. Did you receive your chicken in a fun way? What have others' responses been? Tell us your favorites, please. We would also love to see images of your footstools in their natural habitats.

Do you have an excellent childhood farm animal story? So many people do. Please tell!

We are up for insights, quotes, advice, and suggestions of any kind. Please feel fee to share via email (thecitygirlfarm@gmail.com), our 'connect' page, our facebook page, in person, or an old-fashioned phone call @ 316.285.0435. We look forward to more collecting and sharing!

Thank you all for being a part of thecitygirlfarm gang.

  • Sally Linville

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