Lava's Betty + Claudette's Flight

The launch of our website in 2012 happened with a glimmer of hope: If we made Chicken Footsools available online, maybe somebody somewhere might want to adopt one... someday... maybe? Much to our surprise, one of our first orders came quickly from a delightful man named Gary in California. His family lovingly accepted 'Betty' into their home. A few years later Gary shared that the family cat 'Lava' had taken a particular liking to Betty, perching and kneading on her daily. Betty was quite ready for a body lift.


We completed the operation as quickly as possible out of expressed concern that Lava 'might go into depression' while she was away. In the spirit of preventative maintenance, we included an additional embroidered cover for Lava to quiet any questions of ownership. Gary reported it took Lava all of 10 seconds to find her...



The story of Lava and Betty is one of those treasured tales we hold close to our hearts. So, imagine our delight when we recently heard from Gary, this time adopting 'Claudette' to keep Lava and other pets company in their new home. We enthusiastically sent her West into a guaranteed life of adventure! Claudette got to take a helicopter ride to reach her final destination- a true island chicken.

Claudette's new home:


Our chickens often live in beautiful places, but most importantly with wonderful people and their child-like hearts. Wishing all our best to this special family and their flock, both furry and feathered.

> Sally Jane

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