Driving Ms. Dixie

Every Wednesday morning since last fall, I have had the honor of spending time with a very special lady named Dixie. She is 85 and absolutely full of life! I am her official driver- visiting doctors, picking up groceries and book club books, swinging by the post office, the bank, the pharmacy and our favorite, getting haircuts. Dixie taught school for 40 years, so she is filled to the brim with stories, ready to share if I ask the right questions.

A few weeks ago Dixie and I were both feeling the weight of changes on our respective horizons. As we were chatting at her kitchen table, winter light shone in through the bay windows. Two potted bulbs were there, each with two slender stalks shooting up from the dirt. One of the plants was topped with elegant buds that revealed only hints of color. The other set of buds had just opened, their tremendous splendor once hidden inside now on full display!

As I beheld their intricate design- colors, form, fragrance, shapes- the words, 'Look for the Blossoms,' entered my heart. I shared them with Dixie as an encouragement to us both to remember that even in the midst of hard things, unforeseeable beauty lies ahead.

The invitation to 'Look for the Blossoms' has been present as we fashion our 2016 Spring Flock of Chicken Footstools. May they foster the hope of spring in all of our hearts, especially those of us here in the seasonal Midwest. (Sunshine, welcome! We are ready to feel you.)

To round out the tale, I was eager to return to Dixie's kitchen and discover the mystery of the second set of blossoms. I was not at all disappointed.

> Sally Jane


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