Thelma, Louise and a Birthday Boy

This is the story of a boy and his love for chickens.

Last summer we were contacted by a mother wanting to surprise her son on his 19th birthday at the Plaza Art Fair. She told us of his life-long love for chickens and of his pets, Louise and the late Thelma. Her request was that we make a Chicken Little Footstool inspired by Thelma's likeness. We looked at images of Thelma, seeking to express her fun spots and vertical fan of a tail through felting and sculpting. The surprise was a tremendous success! He was touched to tears at the gift (naturally, so were we). He shared his awareness of how people underestimate the value of chickens, relating to them in his own experience of sometimes being misunderstood. The crowds around our booth were also delighted with the presence of pet Louise who perched contentedly on his arm the whole while. So lucky are Louise and our Thelma to be cared for by such a unique and tender heart!

Click here to see more images of Thelma.

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